tvila ba mikve


I am a married woman and we are on a trip in Turkey.

in 2 days i should go to the mikve after 7 clean days.

we thought there will be a lake here in which i can "litvol" but we discovered now there isnt such place here.

the only solution we figured out untill now is a going to a place called "TURKISH HAMAM" where there are only woman and warm water, but we are not sure that the water are from the rain.

is it ok to go "litvol" there?

please help us with it....

thank you very much

תוכן התשובה:

I'm sorry' but you cannot make a "Tvila" in the "Hammam" because the water are nut from rain.
I give you details about Habbad in Tourkey:
Rabbi Litzman' Antalya

Istanbul' Rabbi Mendy Chitrik

Izmir' Rabbi Yisahar Aaron Izak

I hope one of them will be able to help you.

התשובה התקבלה מהרב מאיר צוקרמן,
יח באב התשסח
19 באוגוסט, 2008
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